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Investing in affordable housing initiatives with us will provide opportunities to positively impact vulnerable populations by providing safe and stable housing options for those in need. You will also benefit from an exceptional hands-off monthly return.

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We are looking for investors to help our team at the Social Housing Group reach the goal of providing 1 million people with a safe place to live in the UK.

For over a year, we’ve been working with a small group of investors to repurpose properties for the benefit of social housing tenants. What makes this model fantastic is that the income is 100% predictable and guaranteed by government-backed providers. Your investment will allow us to take on more housing stock and ultimately help more people find a safe place to live.

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How It Works

You’re able to invest between £10,000-£100,000* for an annual fixed interest rate of between 10-20% for 5 years. The more money invested, the higher the rate of return. A £100,000 investment generates a monthly payment of £3,333.33 for 60 months. You are paid back both capital and interest every month, therefore each month your return increases and your risk decreases.

Arrangement fees apply. Draft loan agreements can be provided.
For investments over £100,000 we can offer 2nd charges. If interested, please get in touch.
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Example 1

If you invested £50,000, you would have a 17% Fixed Interest Rate PA. This would culminate in Monthly Payments (capital and interest) totaling £1,541.67 leaving you with an Annual Yield equaling 37% with the end return over the term being 185%

Example 2

If you invested £100,000, you would have a 20% Fixed Interest Rate PA. This would culminate in Monthly Payments (capital and interest) totaling £3,333.33 leaving you with an Annual Yield equaling 40% with the end return over the term being 200%

Additional Info

A 4-6% Arrangement fee applies and your first payment will be made after 90 days. The process is completely hands-off, with passive income within a 5-year investment term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first payment?

Your first monthly payment will be paid 90 days after the date of your investment. This allows us to get the property up and running (6 weeks) and then the provider pays us 4 weeks in arrears. Once we get paid, so do you. You will also receive a confirmation email which will confirm the date of the payment.

Where are the properties located?

We operate across most of England, however, most of our properties are in areas with large amount of sub-standard student HMO properties, as well as hotels/B&Bs in poor condition.

What works are done to the property?

Construction work generally consists of minor cosmetic improvements and updating the property to meet the latest fire regulations. We want to create a safe, clean and functioning property for the tenants moving in. Fire regulations are the biggest expense and the thing that our lease providers are most interested in. Each property also requires furnishing throughout.

How long are the contracts with the landlord/lease provider?

Contracts are generally 5 years with no break clause for both the landlord and the lease provider.

Can I get more security over my investment?

This is certainly possible. With a personal guarantee we offer a maximum return of 12% and with a second charge, 10%. Second charges will also be subject to the purchase of a property so there is work to do in terms of timescales and legals. PG’s are simpler, hence the higher interest rate.

What is the tenant demographic and which lease provider is it?

Tenants’ will be either be homeless or seeking asylum, depending on the provider used. The lease providers will be noted on the contracts which you will have access to after making an investment. We have a duty to protect our relationships until commitment is shown by our investors. This has been requested by our providers.

Why don't you just do these yourselves?

We do! We have invested in over 40 of these properties to date. We believe in this strategy, not only due to the predictable returns but also the social impact we have. Every property we secure means at least 5 people finding somewhere safe to live.

Can I speak to some investors who have already invested with you?

Of course, you can. This can be arranged on request. We also have some testimonials from past investors that we can send you.

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    Don't Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs

    John ThompsonExtremely Pleased

    I made an investment in real estate through Daytona Property Group Company and have been extremely pleased with the results. Their team of experts gave me personalised advice and assisted me in making sound decisions. I have seen significant returns on my investments and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional property investment firm."

    Emily WalkerSimple and Painless

    As a first-time investor, I was hesitant to invest in real estate. Daytona Property Group, on the other hand, made the process simple and painless. Their team took the time to understand my investment objectives and provided me with options that met those goals. I am extremely pleased with the performance of my investments and value their exceptional service.

    James CooperConsistent Returns

    I've been investing with Daytona Property Group for several years, and their knowledge of the real estate market is invaluable. Their team has a thorough understanding of market trends and provides thorough market research, allowing me to make informed investment decisions. I have received consistent returns on my investments and have complete faith in their services.

    Sarah WilliamsKnowledgeable Team

    Daytona Property Group has been a reliable partner in the development of my property portfolio. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive, and they offer a diverse range of investment options. Their expertise in identifying profitable investment opportunities has assisted me in expanding my portfolio and generating significant returns. I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reputable real estate investment firm.

    Benjamin DaviesFantastic Experience

    I had a fantastic investing experience with Daytona Property Group. Their team has been proactive in identifying profitable investment opportunities and has kept me updated on the performance of my investments on a regular basis. Their dedication to openness and professionalism has earned my trust, and I am confident in their ability to produce results. I am extremely pleased with their services and intend to continue working with them.