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Experts In Property Sourcing

Our Property Procurement services encompass a comprehensive approach, managing the whole process from sourcing through to running of the properties with the highest level of expertise.

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Daytona Property Group

Whatever you’re looking to achieve in property, chances are we will be able to help. Our main focus is assisting investors who are either getting started in property or looking to grow their existing portfolios. We specialise in sourcing R2RSA opportunities, raising investment for our social housing projects and identifying high-yielding off-plan investments. Additionally, we are also involved with The Property Guarantee Group securing robust long-term leases for landlords and developers. Daytona Property Group is proud to be working in partnership with Sourced Property, the UK’s largest property investment platform.

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The Importance of Property Investment

Property investment is critical for accumulating wealth and ensuring financial security. Real estate ownership can give a variety of benefits, including possible value appreciation over time, monthly rental income, and portfolio diversification. Property investment enables for long-term wealth growth and can act as an inflation hedge. Furthermore, real estate can provide tax benefits such as mortgage interest and property tax deductions. Property ownership also provides a tangible asset that may be leveraged for additional investment opportunities or used personally.

Off Plan Investments

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  • R2RSA Investments
  • Off Plan Investments
  • Social Housing Investments
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Managing Director Sav Lotta has been involved in property since the age of 18 and has experience in flips, rent-to-rent, social housing and commercial conversions. He is currently developing in excess of £12m worth of property alongside working with multiple investors to help them achieve their goals. He has also sourced over 70 deals for investors as well as raising in excess of £500k for his social housing projects.

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Experts in Property

As industry-leading experts in Property Sourcing, we offer tailored solutions to help clients effectively navigate the complex landscape of real estate acquisition and management, ensuring optimal results.

Advice from Our Experts

Get advice from seasoned professionals in the field of Property Procurement and gain invaluable insights, helping you make informed decisions and maximise your property investments.

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To learn more about our Property Sourcing services, or to get in touch with one of our experienced professionals, please contact us for a consultation. We’re always happy to hear about your plans!


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John ThompsonExtremely Pleased

I made an investment in real estate through Daytona Property Group Company and have been extremely pleased with the results. Their team of experts gave me personalised advice and assisted me in making sound decisions. I have seen significant returns on my investments and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional property investment firm."

Emily WalkerSimple and Painless

As a first-time investor, I was hesitant to invest in real estate. Daytona Property Group, on the other hand, made the process simple and painless. Their team took the time to understand my investment objectives and provided me with options that met those goals. I am extremely pleased with the performance of my investments and value their exceptional service.

James CooperConsistent Returns

I've been investing with Daytona Property Group for several years, and their knowledge of the real estate market is invaluable. Their team has a thorough understanding of market trends and provides thorough market research, allowing me to make informed investment decisions. I have received consistent returns on my investments and have complete faith in their services.

Sarah WilliamsKnowledgeable Team

Daytona Property Group has been a reliable partner in the development of my property portfolio. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive, and they offer a diverse range of investment options. Their expertise in identifying profitable investment opportunities has assisted me in expanding my portfolio and generating significant returns. I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reputable real estate investment firm.

Benjamin DaviesFantastic Experience

I had a fantastic investing experience with Daytona Property Group. Their team has been proactive in identifying profitable investment opportunities and has kept me updated on the performance of my investments on a regular basis. Their dedication to openness and professionalism has earned my trust, and I am confident in their ability to produce results. I am extremely pleased with their services and intend to continue working with them.